TEXTAR Brake Discs PRO

TEXTAR Brake Discs PRO

Optimised power. Optimised image.

Textar PRO brake discs offer the following advantages:

Complete anti-corrosive coating
Maximum braking comfort and performance due to the use of optimum materiales.
Application specific high carbon, with higher percentage of carbon
Fixing screws for mounting securely

Optimised coating:

Improved aesthetic and visual appearance of the brake discs, especially when used with alloy wheels
Corrosion protection: No rust formation
Immediately ready for use: No removal of protective oil necessary

Properties of high carbon:

Increased strength
Optimised brake reaction: Brake judder is minimised due to reduced disc distortion
More even heat distribution due to better thermal conductivity
Higher thermal load capacity


Time-saving due to installation aid
Easy replacement of damaged fixing screws