TEXTAR Passenger Car Range

TEXTAR Passenger Car Range

O.E. quality for all your friction needs:

The Textar passenger car range includes:

Supplying more current vehicle build than any other friction brand in Europe, and providing O.E. performance, the Textar range of more than 1000 disc brake pads are the ideal aftermarket choice.

More than 320 brake shoes – Exceeding requirements set by ECE R90, Textar lined brake shoes provide the perfect partner to Textar brake drums and provide excellent European vehicle parc coverage.

More than 950 brake discs – Manufactured to O.E. tolerances, the metallurgy of Textar discs is specifically engineered to compliment the wear and friction performance of Textar pads.

More than 120 brake drums – Cast and finished to O.E. standards, Textar brake drums offer the highest levels of tensile strength for heat resistance, whilst retaining market leading wear performance.

…and with a complete range of brake system accessories, wear indicators, brake fl uid, Cera Tec and brake cleaner, Textar provides the perfect brake system solution.